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Policy: GBAF
Substitute Teachers

The Lyme School Board will establish the daily rate of pay for substitute teachers during the budget process. A substitute will be paid at the pro-rated substitute pay through the 15th consecutive day of employment as a substitute in the same position. After the 15th consecutive school day in the same position, the substitute will be paid at the pro-rated pay of the annual salary of Track 1, Step 1 in the teachers’ salary schedule. At that time pro-rated sick and personal leave benefits will also apply. If it is determined in advance that a substitute teaching assignment will extend more than six months, the Superintendent may authorize the higher daily rate of pay prior to the 15th day of service.

Substitute teaching assignments terminate at the close of the school year. Except for the sick and personal leave benefits set forth in paragraph 1 above, a substitute teacher shall not qualify for any other benefits accorded under the teachers’ contract unless the substitute teacher is hired by the District on a permanent basis.

A substitute whose assignment is anticipated to exceed 6 months will be eligible to purchase health insurance, entirely at the substitute’s expense, through the school.  The payments for health insurance will be deducted through payroll.  For a substitute whose assignment is anticipated to exceed 6 months, the superintendent or district administrator may request the approval of the board to adjust the substitute’s rate of pay, so long as the rate plus any costs attributed to the teacher whose is on leave (ie. health, dental, vision and life insurance) does not exceed the total amount budgeted for the teacher whose position is being filled.

The District will reimburse substitute teachers for the cost of a criminal record check after they have substituted in the District five times.

ADOPTED: 7 May 1984 REVISED: October 27, 2005 REVISED: February 12, 2015 REVISED: March 26, 2015  REVISED: August 23, 2017
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