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Policy: GAA-3
Medical Examination Of School Personnel and School Bus Drivers

All school personnel, including but not limited to administrative, secretarial, maintenance, cafeteria and transportation personnel, shall be required to have a pre-employment medical examination by a licensed, qualified physician. (Interns, student teachers, and substitutes may be exempted from a medical examination.) The School Board shall further require additional medical examinations during the period of employment, as needed. A written recommendation from the examining physician shall indicate that the employee is medically capable of performing his or her designated assignment.

Before employment as a school bus driver, an applicant must submit a certificate signed by a licensed physician setting forth the physician’s findings that as a result of examination, the person’s physical condition meets the requirement of 49 CFR 391.41-391.49. Every 2 years thereafter, either prior to the commencement of the school year or prior to reemployment as a school bus driver, the person must submit a current certificate, except that school bus operators attaining the age of 70 shall be required to undergo an annual examination and to submit a certificate annually.

The School Board may require additional medical referrals for examination in order to comply with federal or state guidelines for health and safety.

ADOPTED: 12 January 1995
REVISED: 28 February 2002 (1st reading 10/25/01) (2nd reading 2/28/02)
Approved: 2/28/02

Statutory References:
Source: RSA 200:36 Medical Examination of School Personnel
RSA 200:37 Medical Examination of School Bus Operators