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Policy: EFC

The Board recognizes the importance of proper nutrition and developmentally appropriate physical activity in promoting healthy lifestyles, minimizing childhood obesity, and preventing other diet-related chronic diseases. The Board also recognizes that health and student success are inter-related. It is, therefore, the goal of the Board that the learning environment be aligned to positively influence students’ understanding, beliefs, and habits as they relate to good nutrition and physical activity.

A wellness advisory committee will be established by the Board with the purpose of assessing the nutrition and physical activity environment within the school and making recommendations to the Board for a comprehensive wellness program. The committee may include representation from parents, students, the school food service program, the School Board, the administration, and the public. Program implementation will be monitored by the board and administration and progress evaluated with an annual report to the Board.

As part of the program, students will be given opportunities to gain the knowledge, skills, behavior, and motivation needed to be physically active for life through daily activity offerings such as recess periods, physical education classes, walking programs, the integration of physical activity into the academic curriculum, and community sponsored after-school programs including intramurals, interscholastic athletics, and physical activity clubs. The Board encourages all staff and students to participate in physical activity on a daily basis.

To the extent that it is practical, the district shall ensure that all foods available on school grounds and at school-sponsored activities comply with guidelines established by the New Hampshire Departments of Health and Education. Foods should be served with consideration of variety, appeal, taste, and safety. Nutrition guidelines shall apply to food and beverages served through the school lunch program; foods and beverages sold in vending machines, as part of fundraising activities, at school stores, and at concession stands; and food and beverages served at parties/celebrations/meetings during the school day.

The Board directs the Superintendent to develop procedures to implement this policy based on the recommendations of the wellness advisory committee and in compliance with national and statewide nutritional guidelines for healthy living.

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ADOPTED: 29 August 2006
REVISED: 26 February 2009