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Policy: EEA
Student Transportation Services

The Lyme School District shall provide transportation for pupils in grades 1 through 8 to and from the Lyme School consistent with provisions of RSA 189:6 and 189:9. Kindergarten students shall be transported to school only. The goal of the Lyme School District is to transport all students who desire bus transportation who live a mile or more from the school. However, the school bus route may include stops for students who live less than a mile from school if walking would pose a safety risk. The Board acknowledges that because of the nature of roads in a rural community such as Lyme, bus transportation is not always practicable.

General Operating Policy
In establishing bus routes, the following policies shall apply:

• Bus routes shall be established and posted annually by the Superintendent, subject to review by the School Board.
• In establishing bus routes, the highest priority of the Superintendent shall be student safety.
• In the interest of both safety and fairness, an attempt shall be made to both minimize and balance the amount of time students spend on buses.
• The Superintendent shall consider the goals of efficiency and economy, and shall establish routes over the most direct roads practicable for bus travel. Where alternate routes are equally safe and efficient, preference shall be given to the route serving the larger number of students more directly.
• Bus stops shall be established under the direction of the Superintendent. A bus stop will be designated as authorized when the School Board has approved its designation as such. Drivers may not load or unload pupils at other than authorized bus stops. The Superintendent may designate additional bus stops as needed, subject to approval by the School Board.
• Private school transportation for students who are residents of Lyme will be integrated into established bus routes if requested, as required by law.

Student Conduct on School Buses

1. The bus driver shall have the responsibility to maintain orderly behavior of students on school buses and will report misconduct to the Principal, in writing.
2. Parents of children whose pattern of behavior and conduct on school buses endangers the health, safety, and welfare of other riders will be notified that their children face the loss of school bus riding privileges.
3. The Principal will have the authority delegated by the Superintendent to suspend the riding privileges of students whose behaviors present disciplinary problems on the bus. Suspensions of bus riding privileges in excess of twenty consecutive days must be approved by the Board (RSA 189:9a).

ADOPTED: 29 April 1999
REVISED: 18 December 2008; November 18, 2010

Statutory References:
RSA 189:6 (must provide transportation to pupils in grades 1-8 who live more than 2 miles from school)
RSA 189:6-a (District shall instruct pupils on school bus safety and evacuation procedures)
RSA 189:8 (students may be required to walk up to 1 mile to school bus stop)
RSA 189:9a (disciplinary suspension of bus riding privileges)