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Policy: EBCDA
Inclement Weather Maintenance Policy

During any school day on which there is snow, ice, or other hazardous conditions, maintenance staff will inspect the school premises at least three times per day, or as necessary, to ensure that the sidewalks, grounds, parking areas, and other relevant grounds or buildings are clear and safe for students, staff, and the public. Snow removal and treatment will begin in areas most likely to encounter the first staff and student traffic, and proceed until all access areas have been properly treated. Following snow removal, maintenance workers will apply salt and/or sand as needed to keep the grounds as free from hazard as conditions and resources allow.

NH Revised Statutes Annotated: RSA 507-B:2-b, Bodily Injury Actions Against Government Units

First Reading: 24 March 2005
Approved: 28 April 2005
Revised: 26 February 2009