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Policy: EBCD
Emergency Closings

The Superintendent may close school or delay opening of school at his discretion for such conditions as insufficient heat, communicable diseases, civil disorder, or when weather conditions prevent the safe operation of school buses on major routes. Notice of such closings shall be given via radio stations, e-mail and/or an automatic notification system (such as Alert Now!) as soon after 6:30 a.m. as possible. If school must be closed during the school day, similar notice shall be given prior to dismissing students.

If road conditions change after school has opened and prevent the safe return of children by school bus, notice shall be given as specified in the paragraph above and children will be dismissed only at the direction of their parents or other responsible individual.

ADOPTED: 28 February 1979

REVISED: 12 November 1998
REVIEWED: 12 January 2000
REVISED: 20 November 2008