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Policy: EBC
Crisis Prevention and Response

The Superintendent shall establish an advisory committee to develop a Crisis Prevention and Response Plan. The Board recognizes that schools are subject to a number of potentially dangerous events, such as natural disasters, industrial accidents, acts of terrorism, and other violent events. No school is immune from these events no matter the size or location. The Board is committed to the prevention of these events, to the extent possible, in the school and at school-sponsored activities.

Board Policy EBCA and Procedure EBCA-R contain provisions related to Emergency Response Plans. The committee will review school district programs and activities, assess the district’s security and safety needs, and review Board policies, administrative regulations, response plans, and procedures.

The Superintendent will develop an administrative regulation that ensures the effective development and implementation of the district’s plan.



Legal References:
RSA 189:64, Emergency Response Plans
RSA 193-D, Safe School Zones
RSA 193-F, Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention
NH Code of Admin. Rule. Section Ed. 306.04(a) (2), Promoting School Safety


ADOPTED: 15 November 2007

REVISED: 18 December 2008