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Policy: EBBG
Animals in School

The health and safety of students and employees is a top priority of the School District; therefore, the inclusion of animals (small birds, fish, and small rodents) in instructional areas is allowed only if such inclusion does not compromise the health and safety of people. Such determination shall be made by the school principal in consultation with the school nurse.

The following guidelines will apply:

1. Suitable cages must be provided and placed in such a location as to not interfere with safety in moving about the classroom. Such cages should be of a nature that food, water, and waste material does not accumulate outside the cage, and cages will be cleaned and maintained only by adults.
2. Animals are to be outside the cage only when under direct supervision of a teacher.
3. All animals must have adequate provisions for care. During vacations longer than three days, all animals are to be provided for by the teacher or a designated student.
4. Large animals (such as dogs), which are not normally confined to cages, may be allowed, e.g., under special circumstances required for an instructional program. The Principal, in consultation with the school nurse, shall review related requests. During such times these animals are to be provided for by their owners, and will be removed immediately at the end of the instructional program.

For reasons of health and sanitation, the school nurse may require animals to be removed from the school.

ADOPTED: 8 December 1994
REVIEWED: 29 April 1999
REVISED: 22 August 2002