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Policy: EBBF
Visitors to the School

Recognizing that the Lyme School Board, with the support and cooperation of parents, legal guardians, community members and staff, has the responsibility to

-Provide for the safety and well-being of all students;
-Maintain an educational environment which promotes teaching and learning, where students, teachers, and instructional programs are free of unnecessary distractions; and
-Provide parents, legal guardians, and community members reasonable access to the school,
the School Board implements the following guidelines concerning visitors to the Lyme School:

1. Posted signs instruct all visitors to enter the school building through the main entrance.

1. During school hours, all visitors, other than parents or legal guardians who are picking up or dropping off children, shall sign in at the office.
2. No visitors shall contact students or teachers directly during school hours. When necessary, office personnel will contact students or teachers.
3. Parent-teacher meetings and conferences shall be scheduled during non-instructional times.
4. Both custodial and non-custodial parents may schedule visits to their child’s classes, unless a current court order denying visitation rights to a parent is on file at the school.
5. Community members who are not parents or legal guardians of school children may obtain permission from the principal or his or her designee to visit the school while it is in session.
6. Teachers who plan to invite someone into the school as part of an instructional program shall notify the principal in advance. The visitor shall provide in advance for review by the teacher and the principal any topics to be discussed and any information and materials to be disseminated.
7. Visits to the school by representatives of the news media or by other persons seeking to view, photograph, record, videotape, or film students may be arranged only after consultation with the principal and must be consistent with School Board policies concerning interviewing, photographing, recording, or/and videotaping of students.
8. The principal or his or her designee has the authority to have removed from the building or grounds anyone whose presence is inconsistent with this policy.

Warned: August 23, 2001
Approved: April 25, 2002