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Policy: EBBC
First Aid and Emergency Care

In the event that students, school personnel, or visitors sustain sudden injury or illness during school hours or on school grounds during scheduled school activities, the school has the responsibility for immediate first aid care, for attempting to notify a student's parents, and/or for getting the injured or ill person to a hospital, as deemed necessary. Further medical attention for students is the responsibility of the parent or guardian designate.

First aid is the immediate care given an injured or sick person. It includes emergency care rendered in good faith and without compensation by non-medical persons to save life, prevent further injury, or reduce suffering.

In each school, principals will ensure that procedures and training for handling emergencies will be established and made known to staff. The school nurse, in conjunction with the consulting physician, and/or the Departments of Public Health or Education, will review and recommend practices and procedures for emergency care and first aid.

All efforts should be made to ensure a public phone or other emergency communication system is available for emergency use during and after school hours.

Source: 1989 School Health Services Manual, NH Department of Education

ADOPTED: 8 December 1994
REVIEWED: 29 April 1999