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Policy: EBA
Life-Threatening Student Allergies

The Lyme School District (“the District”) strives to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for all students, including those with life-threatening allergies identified by a physician or other advanced medical practitioner.

The District recognizes that it cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment for all students with life-threatening allergies, or prevent all harm to students who experience a life-threatening allergic reaction. Likewise, the District acknowledges that decisions regarding the health and safety of its students are ultimately the responsibility of the parents, and not the School. However, the District is committed to the following goals:

· to minimize the risk of in-school exposure to identified allergens in students with physician-identified life-threatening allergies;

· to prepare for any life-threatening allergic reactions that may occur;

· to respond appropriately to any life-threatening allergic reactions that may occur; and

· to protect the rights of students with physician-identified life-threatening allergies to participate in school activities.

To this end, the District, through the Superintendent or his or her designee, shall develop guidelines to protect students with physician-identified life-threatening allergies. These guidelines shall take into account the variation in the level of sensitivity and the type and severity of allergic reactions among students; the varying ages and maturity levels of students; and the physical properties and organizational structures of the school. The roles of parents, staff, and students in preventing exposure to allergens shall be clearly defined, and procedures for responding to and reporting life-threatening allergic reactions shall be specified.

Each student with a physician-identified life-threatening allergy shall have an Individualized Health Plan (IHP) and a written Emergency Care Plan (ECP). The IHP will be developed jointly by the School Nurse (under the Supervision of the Principal) and the student’s parents. The IHP describes the specific actions to be taken by all parties to ensure the health and safety of the student. Such steps may include classroom adaptations, the establishment of separate seating at snack time and lunch, and training or other educational efforts directed to teachers, staff, and/or the student’s classmates. The ECP is written and signed by the student’s physician. The ECP establishes an individualized treatment plan and emergency protocol if exposure and/or allergic reaction occurs.

In the event of a disagreement between the School and the parents about the design or implementation of the IHP, the parents may appeal to the Superintendent, who will review the plan and issue a decision. If the parents are not satisfied after the Superintendent’s review and decision, they may appeal to the School Board.

Adopted: 27 August 2009
Revised: 10 February 2011