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Policy: DIG
Policy and Procedures Regulating Lunch Sales

The School Board will review prices for student and employee lunch and milk sales at their August meeting. Parents and employees will be informed of lunch and milk prices before the beginning of the school year.

Pre-Paid Lunch Accounts
For convenience purposes each student and employee is automatically provided with an individual pre-paid lunch account to purchase lunch and milk in the cafeteria. A lunch account may be funded preferably by check (though cash will be accepted) with a suggested minimum starting balance of $30 for each lunch account. Each lunch account should maintain a $10 minimum balance throughout the school year. A notice will be sent for payment to replenish the lunch account within 5 school days when the account reaches a $10 balance. Although shared lunch accounts are not available either for multiple students within a family or between employees, all individual accounts within a family will be linked such that individual accounts within a family with a negative balance will be automatically replenished from any available positive balance of another account within the same family. No student will be denied lunch regardless of the account balance, however the Principal will be notified when the balance in a lunch account reaches $0.

Lunch Sales
The Lyme School will use a point of sale (POS) system to collect money on school lunch sales, including cash transactions, and for tracking of all food purchases. The POS system will debit lunch accounts and track food purchases so parents may request to see how their student is using a lunch account for food purchases. The Principal is authorized to make alternative arrangements with parents who cannot afford to purchase lunch.

For students returning the following school year –
(a) all positive account balances as of June 30th will be carried over into the new school year;
(b) all negative account balances must be paid prior to June 25th of the current school year.

For students not returning the following school year or leaving during the current school year –
(a) all positive lunch account balances will be transferred to the lunch accounts of any remaining students within the same family, provided that if no such other accounts exist, then the remaining positive lunch account balance will be refunded within 45 days after June 30th or the date of departure, as applicable.
(b) all negative account balances must be paid prior to June 25th of the current school year or within 45 days of departure, as applicable.
The district will use reasonable efforts to collect upon any lunch account with a negative balance. During the budget process the district will include an amount to cover any anticipated lunch program deficit during the following school year, including any negative lunch account balances not paid by June 30th of such school year.

REVISED: 9/21/15
APPROVED: 16 April 2009