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Policy: DBC
Budget Planning

The Superintendent may establish procedures for the involvement of staff in the development of the budget proposal.

The School Board will adopt guidelines and schedule each year to allow for timely submission of the budget to the Board and budget committee.

The budget proposal must be within the parameters of Board policy and include provisions for:

1. Programs to meet the needs of the entire student body.
2. Staffing arrangements adequate for proposed programs.
3. Maintenance of the District's equipment and facilities.
4. Efficiency and economy.

Upon receipt of the Superintendent's recommendations, the Board will discuss the budget at a public meeting and take whatever action is necessary to meet District goals or school needs.

ADOPTED: 10 December 1998
REVISED: 27 January 2005

Statutory Reference:
RSA 32:3 & 32:5 (Budget preparation & public hearing)