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Policy: DA
Fiscal Management Goals

The educational program is in part dependent on:

• funding provided, and
• efficient management of those funds.

Accordingly, the overriding fiscal goals of the School Board are:

• to determine guidelines for the most effective and efficient use of public funds,
• to establish sound fiscal management procedures, and
• to ensure that all personnel, Board members, and others involved in Lyme District finances subscribe to such goals.

The purpose of district budget and finance policies is to provide systematic budget procedures from year to year and public information regarding the financial operations of the school district.

In developing each operating budget, it will be the policy of the Board to provide an optimum educational program for the students with an awareness of the taxpayers' ability to support such a program.

Before presenting the budget to the District, the Board will scrutinize it thoroughly. Once adopted, it shall be adhered to and supported by the entire Board as presented.

ADOPTED: 9 February 1995
REVISED: 10 December 1998