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Policy: CGI
Evaluation (School Principal)

The School Board, believing in appraisal and improvement of all aspects of the Lyme School system, supports an annual evaluation of the School Principal, the purpose of which is the continuous improvement of performance and the creation of a formal personnel record.

The Superintendent or designee will ensure that the formal procedures defined for administrative evaluation are followed and a written record established. These include:

1. initial conference with Superintendent or designee to establish 3-5 annual goals, some but not all of which should be linked to School Board and/or faculty goals; and presented to the Board at its next regular meeting,
2. ongoing communication during the year, including a minimum of two supervisory conferences from which a progress report is generated,
3. solicitation of objective and/or data-based feedback (in writing, dated, signed and available to the principal) from various constituent groups, including but not limited to the School Board, students, parents, faculty, and staff,
4. a summative evaluation-signed and dated by the evaluator and employee-which formalizes goals, general performance, and other issues discussed throughout the year,
5. opportunity for review and discussion of the summarized evaluation and evaluation process, which should seek evidence of success as well as constructive and helpful criticism

The administrator's signature on his/her evaluation is required but is not intended to constitute agreement with content. The administrator has the option of responding in writing to any part of the formal evaluation, to have this response attached to the formal component of the evaluation and placed in the employee's official personnel file.

A report concerning the administrative evaluation should be brought to the Board during the month of February (or sooner, if requested by the Board).

This policy shall be augmented by additional materials related to the accomplishment of an administrative evaluation, including a current job description and essential skills of effective principals. It should be noted that the establishment of specific goals should not inhibit review of other aspects of the principal's overall job responsibilities and performance.

ADOPTED: 9 February 1995
REVISED: 10 December 1998