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Policy: BIA
New Board Member Orientation

A new member—or any person designated for appointment as a new member of the Board—is to be afforded the Board’s and the staff’s fullest measure of courtesy and cooperation. Board and staff shall make every feasible effort to assist the new member to become fully informed about the Board’s functions, policies, procedures, and issues.

Each new member will be provided with printed materials, including a copy of the current budget, a copy of the current negotiated agreement, NHSBA new member orientation materials, and other relevant materials.

Board members will be given every opportunity to learn more about their role, school programs, State Department of Education functions, and legislative activities. Members who take part in workshops and seminars offered by the New Hampshire School Boards Association and other appropriate organizations will be reimbursed for travel and other expenses related to participation in training activities, provided prior approval is obtained from the Board and funds for these purposes are available.

ADOPTED: 12 November 1998

REVISED: 20 November 2008