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Policy: BG
School Board Policy Process

The School Board is committed to developing and maintaining clear, up-to-date policies that articulate in writing the philosophies and governance of the Lyme School.

Changes to policy shall come before the Board at least twice—once for discussion and proposed action, and a second time for final revision, if needed, and adoption. Policies coming before the Board for discussion, adoption, or rescission shall be posted with the meeting agenda.

The Board may adopt procedures that will give specific instructions to administration for policy implementation. Procedures will be brought to the Board for a single reading. In the absence of a Board procedure, the Superintendent is charged with the implementation of policy based on his/her own judgment and experience.

The Board retains the right to adopt a policy on the first presentation; the action will be confirmed by a second vote at the next meeting of the Board.

Whenever possible, the School Board will make efforts to notify and consult with those who will be directly affected by a policy to hear reaction to proposed policy content prior to adoption.

ADOPTED: 8 November 1990

REVISED: 13 July 1995
REVIEWED: October 1998
REVISED: 20 November 2008