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Policy: BEDG

The Secretary will keep a record of the actions of Board meetings. The minutes of the Board will be kept in an official minute book and will include resolutions and motions. Papers not part of a formal motion may be omitted if they are referred to and identified by some method.

Copies of the draft minutes of a meeting will be sent to the members of the Board before the meeting at which they are to be approved. Corrections to the minutes may be made at the meeting at which they are to be approved.

All minutes will be kept in accordance with RSA 91-A:2 and RSA 91-A:3 and will be in the custody of the Superintendent. Minutes of all public meetings will be made available for public inspection no later than five (5) business days after the meeting. Minutes for all non-public sessions will be made available for public inspection within seventy-two (72) hours after the non-public session.

Legal References:
RSA 91-A:2 II Public Records and Meetings: Meetings Open to Public
RSA 91-A: 3 III, Public Records and Meetings: Non-Public Sessions
RSA 91-A:4 I, Public Records and Meetings: Minutes and Records Available/or Public Inspection

Revised: 11/15/07

Procedures for Policy BEDG
Access to Minutes and Public Records

These procedures will apply to all requests for access to public records and minutes received by the administrative offices of the school district.

The Board encourages members of the public to make their requests for access to public records in writing and to include a specific description of the desired documents. No request will be denied if it is not in writing. All steps taken to comply with such requests will be documented in writing and will include specific descriptions of all documents that were made available.

Public documents requested under the Right-to-Know Law must be made available within five (5) business days. In the event a reply will take longer than five (5) days, a letter will be sent to the individual requesting the documents acknowledging receipt of the request and either estimating when a substantive reply will be available or explaining why such documents are unavailable.

Access to public records will ordinarily be afforded by providing photocopies of the requested materials. In some instances alternate methods, such as allowing personal review of a particularly voluminous file, may be more appropriate.

The school district will charge a basic fee for records. For photocopies or copies made from a computer printer, the first 10 pages (cumulative) will be at no charge. For more than 10 pages, there will be a charge of $.10 per single-sided page and/or $.15 per double-sided page. No color copies are available.

Records must be reviewed in their entirety by either the superintendent or school principal before they are released in order to ensure that no confidential or exempted information is disclosed.

Records exempted from disclosure requirements include: personnel records; student records; privileged documents (e.g., lawyer-client communication); records pertaining to litigation; collective bargaining; real estate negotiations; records containing certain types of confidential commercial or financial information; and other such documents as defined in RSA 91-A:5.

It is possible that only a portion of the information contained in a district record will be subject to public access under the Right-to-Know Law. In such cases the district will make a reasonable effort to provide access to the public portions of the record. For instance, a redacted photocopy of the document may be provided.

This procedure shall be effective immediately and shall continue in force until otherwise amended or repealed.

ADOPTED: 12 November 1998
REVISED: 11/15/2007

Statutory References;
RSA 91-A:2 II (minutes of public meetings)
RSA 91-A:3 III (minutes of non-public sessions)
RSA 91-A:4 (minutes & records available for public inspection)