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Policy: BEDB

The School Board supports having a planned agenda which keeps the public advised of Board business but also allows the Board the flexibility to address items of importance as they arise. Accordingly, the following guidelines serve to provide timely planning and review of agenda matters.

The order of business at each meeting shall normally be set forth in the agenda for the meeting, but it may be changed by general consent or majority vote of the members present. Requests for reordering or revising the agenda from either the public or Board members present should be directed to the Chair. Whenever possible, any modification of the agenda should be proposed and considered at the beginning of the meeting.

Any agenda item on which Board action is anticipated shall be warned as such, however, failure to so warn shall not prevent the Board from taking action as deemed necessary. Items of business not on the agenda may be discussed and acted upon if a majority of the Board agrees to consider them. The Board may not, however, revise Board policies or adopt new policies, unless such action has been scheduled.

Items of business may be suggested by any Board member, staff member, student, or citizen of the District. The inclusion of items suggested by staff members, students, or citizens shall be at the discretion of the Superintendent and Board Chair. In any event, the agenda shall always allow suitable time for the remarks of members of the public who wish to speak briefly before the Board.

Suggested agenda items are to be received by the Chair or in the office of the Superintendent at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the meeting. The agenda will be set by the Chair and the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent and delivered to the School Board members prior to the meeting with supporting materials, as may be necessary.

In accordance with RSA 91-A:2, meeting notice shall be posted in at least two (2) public places with the warning for each Board meeting. An agenda will be provided as a posting to the school staff as well.

ADOPTED: 12 April 1979
REVISED: 10 June 1993
13 July 1995
12 November 1998

Statutory Reference:
RSA 91-A:2, II, (meetings open to public)