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Policy: BCA
School Board Member Ethics

Each board member shall comply with the following:

1. Attend all regularly scheduled Board meetings, insofar as possible, and become informed about issues to be considered at those meetings.

2. Make decisions only after full discussion at public board meetings; render all decisions based on available facts and refuse to surrender independent judgment to individuals or groups with special interests.

3. Seek communication with students, staff, and members of the community (per policy BHC).

4. Recognize two important school board functions: 1) to provide high quality public education to Lyme students in grades K through 12 and 2) to maintain a balance between a commitment to quality education and fiscal responsibility.

5. Work respectfully with other Board members to achieve the educational goals of the school district by encouraging the free expression of opinions by all Board members.

6. Communicate to other Board members and the Superintendent expressions of public reaction to Board policies and school programs.

7. Become informed about current educational issues through individual study and participation in programs providing relevant information, such as those sponsored by state and national school board associations.

8. Support the employment of those best qualified to serve on school staff and insist on regular and impartial evaluations of all staff members.

9. Respect the confidentiality of information that is privileged under applicable law or that is received in confidence or in nonpublic session.

10. Recognize that no individual member has authority to speak or act for the entire Board, except as specifically designated to do so by Board action.

11. Recognize that final Board actions will be supported by all members of the Board; do not speak against any majority decision which was reached in good faith; take no private action that will compromise or undermine official actions of the Board or administration.

12. Avoid conflicts of interest.

13. Display and demonstrate courtesy and decorum toward fellow Board members at all public meetings and in all public statements.

ADOPTED: 11 November 1993

REVISED: 12 November 1998
REVISED: 23 October 2008