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Policy: BBBE
Unexpired Term Fulfillment

Any member who for any reason cannot fulfill the term of his/her elected office should provide immediate notice in writing to the Chair of the Board.

Appointments to unexpired terms will be made by the Board as follows:

1. An announcement of the vacancy will be published locally. Such announcement can precede the effective date of resignation by a Board member.

2. The announcement will invite individuals to submit letters of interest to the Board, c/o the Superintendent's office.

3. The Board, or a committee of the Board, will interview potential appointees. If still a member of the Board, the resigning member may participate in this process.

4. In certain circumstances, as prescribed in RSA 91-A:1, the Board may meet in non-public session to discuss the potential appointees.

5. The Board, by a majority vote, will appoint the new member at a public meeting. Such action will be noticed on the agenda for that meeting.

Newly appointed Board members shall serve until the completion of the next regular town meeting elections in March.

ADOPTED: 8 September 1977

REVISED: 12 November 1998
REVISED: 23 October 2008

Statutory Reference:
RSA 91-A (access to public records and meetings)
RSA 197:26 (school board fills vacancies by appointment until next district election)
RSA 671:33 (same)