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Policy: BB
School Board Legal Status

State law provides that public schools will be operated and maintained by local School Boards. As agents of the state, School Boards are required to carry out state laws pertaining to public education and to carry out the policies and regulations of the State Board of Education.

The School Board is an instrument of the New Hampshire legislature and derives its authority from the New Hampshire Constitution, New Hampshire Statutes, and rules of the State Board of Education.

ADOPTED: 12 November 1998

Statutory-Regulatory References:
RSA 189:1 (180 days of school per year), 189:1-a (Duty to provide education)
RSA 194:1-3 (legal existence and authority of school districts)
RSA 186:5 (powers of State Board of Education)
RSA 197:1 (School District annual meeting)
RSA 671:4 (School District board composition)
N.H. Code of Administrative Rules - Section Ed. 303 D