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Policy: ADB
Alcohol and Drug-Free School

It is the intent of the School Board that work environments be free of the presence of illegal drugs and alcohol, and that employees perform their tasks safely and efficiently without the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.

The Board recognizes the use of drugs and/or alcohol or the dependency thereon as a serious health, safety, and security problem; therefore, employees are prohibited from unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possessing, use, or being under the influence of illegal drugs as defined by state or federal statute or regulation, or alcohol, while on duty, on or off the workplace.

"Workplace" means the site for the performance of work for the district, including any district-used building or premises and any district-owned vehicle or any other vehicle used to transport students to and from school or school activities.

The following violations of this policy shall be grounds for disciplinary action implemented by the Superintendent:

a. Working under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, no matter where consumed.

b. Having an unsealed container of alcohol, or consuming alcohol on school property. (Any employee who finds any type of container of alcohol on school property should report it to the Principal as soon as possible.)

c. Consuming, possessing or distributing illegal drugs on school property.

d. Consuming, possessing, or distributing alcohol or illegal drugs not on school property while at official school functions. Such functions include those authorized and conducted by the school with school officials present, in charge, and on duty, such as but not limited to:

1. Interscholastic athletic contests;
2. Field trips;
3. School dances.

This policy also applies to all volunteers, non-employee chaperones, or others brought into contact with students as a part of school programs.

ADOPTED: 8 November 1990
REVISED: 12 November 1998
REVISED: 25 November 2003

Statutory References:
RSA Chapter 193-B (Drug-Free School Zones)