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Educational Philosophy/Mission

Lyme, New Hampshire, is a small town with exceptional opportunities to educate its children. Its citizens come from a variety of backgrounds: some have a long tradition of working the land and have deep roots in our community; others are teachers, professionals, business men and women who have come to Lyme more recently. Our children are thus exposed to many points of view. They have an opportunity to learn the solid values of New England, about the importance of hard work well done, and an appreciation for natural beauty and the outdoors. At the same time, our children can learn about the world at large, and prepare for life in an age where, as many have said, the only constant will be change. The Lyme School must build on this opportunity to educate our children, helping each to lay a foundation of knowledge and quality of character, and to foster an ability to deal creatively and positively with the circumstances and opportunities of the future.

In the same spirit, we wish to lay a solid foundation for the Lyme School and its direction and actions. This statement of our philosophy, our beliefs and our intentions, forms that foundation.

We believe that each student must be prepared to succeed in an increasingly complex, competitive, and demanding world. We will help our students meet the challenges they will face in that world by providing them an opportunity to achieve the highest standards of academic excellence. We will provide them with a firm grounding in the core academic subjects, including spoken and written English, mathematics, history, the physical and biological sciences, the study of social issues, and the language and culture of other countries. We will promote an environment of high expectations for our children, but also one in which each child can participate at the level of which he or she is capable.

We believe that each student should have an awareness of the environment on which we depend, and an understanding of how we can influence it in positive and negative ways. We will provide instruction in the use of technology, including computers and other information technologies.

We believe that children should be encouraged to explore that which is beautiful and enjoyable in life, and understand the importance of physical and emotional well-being. We will provide opportunities for our children to experience and participate in the arts, particularly art, theater, and music. We will provide education about health and promote life-long habits of healthy living.

We believe that education requires much more than the learning of facts. We will promote a child's desire and ability to explore and discover, and to understand through experience and creative thinking. We will help our children learn to identify problems, anticipate possible outcomes, and work to identify and implement solutions. We will also help our children to develop the ability to communicate and collaborate in positive and effective ways with others, and to look beyond the present and consider the possible consequences of personal and group actions.

We believe that students learn best in an environment in which they feel valued and capable. We will promote an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust among and between students, teachers, administrators, school board members, parents, and other citizens of Lyme.

We believe that Lyme and its citizens are an essential, inseparable part of the education of Lyme's children. We will involve the community in the educational and social activities of the Lyme School. We will provide opportunities for our children to participate in and contribute to the life of our community and prepare them to be responsible members of a democratic society.

ADOPTED: 14 May 1992
REVISED: 13 January 1998