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Lyme School District
School Board Regular Meeting

Thursday, December 14, 2017
Lyme Elementary School
approved w/changes, 1/18/18

Board Members Present: Jay Davis, Elizabeth Glenshaw, Hayes Greenway, Heidi Lange, Sam Levey, Pinky Tullar, Alicia Willette. Administrators: Jeff Valence, Elise Foxall, Janet Mitchell; staff Meg Franks, Kelly Kuolt. Recorded by Roger Lohr

1. Call to Order The meeting was called to order at 7:08 PM by Board Chair Elizabeth Glenshaw.

2. Business Requiring Action
a. Minutes Approval
A motion was made and seconded (Greenway, Levey) to approve the Lyme School Board regular meeting minutes of November 16, 2017 as submitted. The motion was approved 5-0-0. (Lange and Davis had not yet arrived).

b. Policy GBF – Substitute Teachers
A motion was made and seconded (Levey, Willette) to approve the Policy GBAF - Substitutes as submitted and amended. The motion was approved 5-0-0.

c. Policies IHBA and BHB
Discussion of Policies IHBA and BHB was tabled for a future meeting.

d. Approval of Insurance
Coordinator of Business Services Janet Mitchell explained the renewal of School Care and Primex insurance policies.
A motion was made and seconded (Greenway, Willette) to approve the School Care insurance in the Lyme School proposed budget for 2 years. The motion was approved 6-0-0 (Davis had not yet arrived).

The Board decided to table the approval of the Primex CAP Program for Worker’s Compensation and Property & Liability so that Coordinator of Business Services Janet Mitchell could get additional information.

3. Communications and Reports
a. Financial Update
Coordinator of Business Services Janet Mitchell distributed a document of the finances and reviewed variances of expenses and revenues in the budget. The food service is projected to be about $2,000 above the budgeted expenses. Superintendent Valence and Coordinator of Business Services Mitchell will meet with Larry to discuss the food service deficit. There will be an analysis of meals sold and a projection for the remainder of the school year for the food service.

There is $4,000 remaining in a Farm to School grant and the Board discussed eligible programs to use the funding. One suggestion was to start a school garden.

The revenue surplus is $41,972, and surplus from expenses is $43,978 yielding a projected surplus of $85,950.

b. Committee Reports
There were no meetings held for the High School Committee, Academic Committee, Policy Committee and Personnel Committee.

The Wellness Committee is meeting tomorrow regarding the food service. The Buildings & Grounds Committee had comments about the basketball hoop issue and concerns about the gym floor. The Strategic Plan Committee has outlined a process to develop the new plan and has drafted a survey, which has been reviewed by the faculty.

4. Business Requiring Discussion
a. Budget
There was a meeting with the Lyme Budget Committee and the school district brought a proposed budget with a 1.78% increase to the Committee, which was well received. Superintendent Valence spoke separately with some residents about the school district budget process and factors.

It was decided to use $105,000 from the High School Trust, reduce a 0.5 FTE aide, take $30,000 from Special Education residential tuition, take $5,000 from stipends/instruction and $5,000 from legal.  Superintendent Valence outlined a long term strategy for management of the High School Trust Fund.  The result of which would smooth the high school tuition impact on the town taxes.

The Board also discussed the possibility of using a private loan for the roof project and Coordinator of Business Services Mitchell will look into the files about it. Superintendent Valence sent the budget summary to the Board.

b. Warrant Articles
b1. Roof
The roof had a projected 20-year life span and is now 25 years old. A low interest loan rate is available to do the roof project and reserve funds can be partially used, too.

b2. Full Day Kindergarten
The Board revisited the full day kindergarten discussion including the background about it. The Board will decide on whether to produce a Warrant Article about going forward with a full day kindergarten program at the Lyme School. There was discussion about how to address questions about the issue in public. The previous vote on the matter was defeated significantly and the Board understands the relevance of an endorsement (Board vote on the article), which will be part of the Warrant Article. The Board will have to include its vote on the article whether it is produced by the Board or is a petitioned article.

Superintendent Valence was asked to develop a list of Lyme School initiatives (if funding was not a factor) such as the science initiative, technology, tax impact mitigation, exposure to kindergarten enrollment cost fluctuations, splits in other grades, etc. The Board requested the list without a priority to the items on the list. The superintendent will get some faculty input about the list.

c. Drama Production
Superintendent Valence presented a Memo of Understanding drafted by the LEA to respond to the change in how the Drama production is produced and its variance from what is articulated in the collective Bargaining agreement.  The Letter was signed by the board chair.

d. Meeting with LEA
There is a plan for representatives of the Board to meet with representatives of the LEA. Volunteers from the Board included Elizabeth Glenshaw, Jay Davis and Pinky Tullar. Superintendent Valence will organize the meeting.

5. Other Business
It was suggested that the Board address considering a list of potential new Board members. A representative of Sharon Academy has expressed interest in Lyme students attending high school there and the High School Committee will speak with her about it.

6.  Adjournment 
A motion was made and seconded (Davis, Greenway) to adjourn the meeting at 10:03 PM. The motion was approved 7-0-0. 

The next Lyme School Board meetings are scheduled for January 11 and January 18, 2018.