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Lyme School District
Regular School Board Meeting

Thursday, December 8, 2016
Lyme Elementary School
approved as is, 1/9/17

Board Members Present: Elizabeth Glenshaw, Jay Davis, Heidi Lange, Sam Levey, Paul Mayo, Steve Toulmin, Alicia Willette. Staff Members Present: Jeff Valence, Mike Harris, Teresa Thurston, Miki McGee, Meg Franks. Recorded by R. Lohr

1. Call to Order
Chair Glenshaw called the meeting to order at 7:09 PM.

2. Business Requiring Action
a. Approval of Minutes
A motion was made and seconded (Sam Levey, Jay Davis) to approve the Lyme School Board regular meeting minutes for November 9, 2016 as submitted.  The motion passed unanimously.

A motion was made and seconded ((Jay Davis, Sam Levey) to approve the Lyme School nonpublic meeting minutes for November 9, 2016 as submitted.  The motion passed unanimously.

A motion was made and seconded (Heidi Lange, Alicia Willette) to approve Lyme School special budget meeting minutes for December 1, 2016 as submitted and amended.  The motion passed with 5 in favor and one abstention (Davis).
 The changes were to delete the individual Board member names in item 2, Board questions section.

A motion was made and seconded (Paul Mayo, Sam Levey) to approve Lyme School nonpublic meeting minutes for December 1, 2016 as submitted.  The motion passed with 5 in favor and one abstention (Davis).

b. On Line Food Service System
The Board discussed an online deposit system for the Lyme School food service that would provide for easy parent payments. There is a 4.9% transaction fee for using the service that would be paid by the parent and a $900 one time set up fee that would be paid by the school district. Parents could opt not to use the service. There was Board interest to see if there is a broader service that could collect fees for some other expenses such as school trips. It was suggested that more investigation is needed.

c. Resolution
Chair Glenshaw read a resolution for Board member Alicia Willette to celebrate a Lyme School Board baby shower for her.

d. Personnel
A motion was made and seconded (Sam Levey, Alicia Willette) to accept the resignation as of December 10, 2016 of Tracy Flickinger with gratitude for her years of service at the Lyme School. The motion passed unanimously.

3. Business Requiring Discussion
Superintendent Harris informed the Board that the Department of Revenue Administration has contacted the Lyme School District to express the view that using reserve funds for anything other than unanticipated expenses is not allowed. It was felt that the town residents have voted to set the Board up as an agent to use the reserve funds as necessary, rather than limiting the Board to use the reserve funds to only address unanticipated needs. Legal counsel will review the contention and it will try to be finalized by the March town vote. According to the DRA, the Lyme School District will be able to use the funds as planned this year.

4. Communications and Reports
A. Superintendent Report
Documents of the Academic Committee meeting minutes and the nonpublic Board meeting minutes were distributed to the Board.

A document was distributed of the school district financial update. The food service will require about an $18,000 transfer which was expected. There were some additional revenues received for the vocational aid ($1,700) and Medicaid reimbursement ($2,900). Miki McGee commented that the extensive amount of time needed to support the Medicaid claims was not worth the income. The special revenues of $59,000 would be offset with expenses that are expected to be over about $77,000, which would net a $17,000 deficit. It was felt that the deficit could be absorbed by other budget savings by the end of the year. The expenses are due to one additional high school student tuition, retiree costs and long term substitute, and one additional paraprofessional aide.

5. Business Requiring Discussion - Proposed FY18 Budget Presentation
A document was distributed to the Board regarding budget items for discussion. Superintendent Harris stated that the budget before the additional items was up 6.7% above last year’s budget.

The Board discussed fourth and fifth grade split options at Lyme School and high school tuition for three families that have split residency in Lyme and Hanover. The Board accepted an increase in the legal budget.

There was a discussion about high school tuition rate increases applied for budget purposes and it was decided to apply a 2.5% increase to tuition rates. The Board added one FTE staff position (extension of the behavior specialist to all grades). These changes would impact the proposed budget to become an 8.5% increase.

The Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) parent group met and they are looking for examples for language for the petitioned warrant article. The group is looking to the school Board and administration for a cost amount to include in the warrant article, which is expected to be about $77,000 (costs $55,155 and related costs $19,000). The Board and administrators want to include an amount to cover a potential split of kindergarten class if more than anticipated students attend. While there have not been any kindergarten classes split at Lyme School in 20 years, the first grade has been split a number of times because more students who did not attend kindergarten at the school showed up to enroll in the first grade. The kindergarten class cost estimate can support as many as 25 students. The Policy Committee will look into class size guidelines for kindergarten.

The Board discussed setting up a reserve fund with annual contributions to offset the potential need for a second kindergarten class. The history of first grade enrollment will be investigated to consider the potential of a larger kindergarten class. Currently, there are 18 kindergarten students that are known.

The Board also discussed the need for additional custodial time at the school. Since the school was enlarged there has not been a corresponding addition of custodial time to meet the additional time needed to clean the larger facility. It was felt that savings from outside contract services that could be avoided would not justify increasing the custodial time. The Board decided to add a half FTE for custodial services.

The Board discussed whether there should be plans to transfer money from the reserve funds. There are 4-5 staff members who have stated they are considering retiring over the next two years but it is uncertain that more than one of them would retire at the end of this year. The high school fund currently has more than $500,000. The Board considered moving surplus funds into the funds at the end of the school year and perhaps moving an amount from the Maintenance Reserve Fund into a different fund. The Board also discussed how to cover the cost of a possible roof project noting that interest rates are very attractive. There were no decisions about the reserve funds.

6. Nonpublic Session
A motion to adjourn was made and seconded (Sam Levey, Jay Davis) to enter nonpublic session in accordance with RSA 91-A:3c for discussion pertaining to personnel.  The motion was passed unanimously.  The roll call was conducted and the Board entered nonpublic session at 9:25 PM.

7.  Adjournment
A motion to adjourn was made and seconded (Steve Toulmin, Jay Davis).  The motion was passed unanimously.  The meeting adjourned at 10:44 PM.