Mrs. Officer
About me

I have been teaching middle school French and American History at the Lyme School for 19 years. I am passionate about both of these subjects and have great enthusiasm for teaching these disciplines to the students. For me, the greatest gift occurs when students request advice for outside reading on the content we have just completed, because they have been inspired to learn even more about it. 


Sixth and seventh grade French is a two-year foreign language course developmentally appropriate for middle school students. Students learn to conjugate verbs, construct simple sentences, read basic text, and recite oral exercises. In eighth grade, students enroll in a freshman level French I course that builds on the previously learned foundation. This course is more rigorous and is instructed completely in French. It prepares students to enter French II as high school freshman students.

7th Grade Social Studies

The seventh grade Social Studies curriculum begins where sixth grade Social Studies course left off, at the end of the American Revolution. As the year unfolds, we learn about the foundation of the new American government, the War of 1812, Manifest Destiny, the Industrial Revolution, the Antebellum Era, the escalating tension between the North and South, and finally, the Civil War. By the end of seventh grade, students have had a two-year comprehensive overview of American History, which prepares them for the humanities course they will take in eighth grade.