Ms. Lyons
About Me

I live in Quechee, VT with my partner Paul and my sons Tom (15) and Billy (14). We share our home with four cats and a dog. In my spare time I am usually cooking or going for a walk with my family. I love teaching kindergarten! I get the wonderful job of welcoming students into the Lyme School community.


Kindergarteners are incredibly rewarding to teach because of the amount of growth they display throughout the year. In kindergarten, children progress from a limited recognition of lowercase letters and letter sounds, to sounding out many three letters words, and recognizing many by sight. We participate in literacy activities daily. Many of these activities are play-based. In writing, children share their stories, opinions, and topic knowledge through pictures and writing. Math is exciting because children learn to count to 100. They also begin to learn the beginning concepts of addition and subtraction by playing games that discuss more or less. Our social studies curriculum involves learning to be a kind member of our classroom community and celebrating holidays. For science, children spend time outside exploring the woods and observing how animals and humans change our behaviors throughout the seasons. Kindergarteners learn to love the Lyme School and our wonderful community.