Parent-Teacher Organization

Our Parent-Teacher Organization's goal is to enrich the school community. We are currently using a project-based model for PTO involvement. Volunteers work in small teams, reporting to the PTO leadership as necessary. 

  • President: Yolanda Bujarski
  • Vice President: Whitney Hatch
  • Secretary: Cybele Merrick, Sarah Glass
  • Treasurer: Hayes Greenway, Dee Scanlon

Parents and teachers who would like to help with annual events, programs, and fundraisers are encouraged to send us an email to find out more. Meetings take place monthly. Below is a list of some of the regular activities.

Annual Events
  • Ice-Cream Social (late August)—An early evening event to welcome new families and celebrate the start of the new school year.
  • Teacher Lunches (November & April)—Parent-volunteers sign up to make a lunch dish for the teachers during conference week (when teachers meet with parents).
  • Trivia Night (January)—A fundraiser for the Artist-in-Residence Program (see below) and also a forum for classes to auction items in order to raise funds to offset the cost of each grade’s trip to Washington DC, when they reach 8th grade.
Programs & Projects
  • The School Directory (October)—A team updates a printed booklet, which contains students’ and parents’ names, addresses, and contact details. Copies of the directory are then sold for a small fee as a fundraiser for school programs.
  • The Artist-in-Residence Program (November)—The PTO arranges for an artist (either visual, musical, or movement) to visit and work with students of all grades, K-8. This hands-on program brings expertise from sources outside the school to engage all of our students.
  • Box Tops for Education (October & May)—A team works together to coordinate collection, counting, and submission of box top vouchers, which are cut from participating-brand packages that school families may have bought.
My School Anywhere - Our PTO Task-Management Website

Lyme School PTO uses a service called "MySchoolAnywhere"—an online task-management website—to help us to create our annual directory of families, to sell school spirit wear (T-Shirts etc. displaying the school name), and to manage event sign-ups, donations, and other projects.

How does it work?

Parents/guardians create a secure account when their child/children join the school. Once the account is set up, parents can manage sign-ups, orders, or purchases via this website.

MySchoolAnywhere LOGIN