About Me

I have lived in Lyme for 12 years and am a Lyme School alumna as many know. I am so excited to work with students in the Information Literacy subject area this year. I want to be as accessible as I can be for the students for anything they need in the research and literature realms. I am an avid reader and look forward to pulling that love of literature out of our students.

Information Literacy

In this course we will learn how to find good sources, make proper citations in MLA (and possibly APA based on mastery of MLA), be able to identify fake news sources and articles, understand primary vs. secondary sources and more. These main concepts will be taught through hands on activities, passion projects, as well as a couple larger research projects including the Russian Revolution and the Romanovs. My goal is to make this a fun, engaging course that makes the students think, while also learning skills they will need for high school and beyond.

We will be using tech such as goodreads and listenwise. There will be quick homework assignments on listenwise regularly as well as reviews of books on goodreads that will be due periodically.