Guidance for all at the Lyme School

The Lyme School K-8 guidance program is designed to meet the needs of individual students as well as small groups, entire classes, and parents. The counselor has the privilege of knowing everyone in the school.

All students need to feel safe, valued, and included to be successful learners. The K-8 guidance curriculum has a comprehensive approach, where the lessons are designed to address the developmental levels of each grade. The Lyme School Values, which were developed by the whole school community, are imbedded and reinforced in the lessons. Our values are respect, responsibility, courage, fairness, acceptance of others, integrity, compassion and perseverance.

The counselor also offers groups for students struggling with friendships, family challenges and classroom behaviors.

Other responsibilities of the counselor include helping eighth graders choose a high school, matching students with Dartmouth big brothers/big sisters, facilitating job shadows for eighth graders, arranging for seventh grade girls to participate in the Sister-to-Sister program at Dartmouth and visiting the Hartford Career and Technology Center in Hartford with the entire seventh grade.