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Ancient Greek Sites

Gods and Goddesses Reliable Research Sources

World Book Kids

Britannica Elementary

World Book Student

Britannica Middle

Encyclopedia Mythica: Greek Mythology

Citation Lindemans, Micha F. "Greek Mythology.  "Encyclopedia Mythica™, 2007. Web. 03 May 2016. <>.

Greek Mythology Link

Citation Parada, Carlos. "Greek Mythology." Greek Mythology Link - Home. Carlos Parada and Maicar Förlag, 1997. Web. 03 May 2016. <>.

List of People and Creatures

Wikipedia - Greek Mythological Figures

Wikipedia - Greek Mythological Creatures


Encyclopedia Mythica - Image Gallery

Greek Mythology Coloring Pages

Images of Ancient Greece and Rome


Ancient Greece for Kids

Daily Life in Ancient Greece

Myth Web

Gods, Heros and Myths

Ancient Greece 
(choose Geography for information on cities or virtual tours)

Ancient Greece Resources for 6th Grade Social Studies
(Take a Tour or History)

Ancient Greece-Cities

 History for Kids - Ancient Greece

Voyage Back in Time: Ancient Greece and Rome

The Tale of Ancient Troy

The Development of City States

The Life and Times of Hercules

Introduction to Greek Mythology

Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology

The Immortals

Theoi Greek Mythology


Greek Gods - BrainPop


Olympians Word Search

Greek Lightnin' Quiz

Crossword Puzzle