Mr. Durgin
About Me

I have been teaching Algebra for 12 years. While this is my first year at the Lyme School, for the past 11 years I have taught math and science at The Sharon Academy Middle School in Sharon, Vermont. Not only do I enjoy challenging students academically, I relish the silliness and laughter that comes from interacting with such a fun age group. My other interests include the mental health needs of adolescents and young adults. Currently, I am working towards a Masters in Counseling at Plymouth State University. I also enjoy singing, song writing, and playing guitar.


This course is an accelerated version of Algebra 1. We cover the standard high school curriculum which moves, in great depth, through quadratics and into rational expressions and equations. There are daily homework assignments given to reinforce concepts learned and used in class. Challenge problems, that are not necessarily algebra related, are also given frequently to keep students practicing flexible, mathematical thinking. All students who successfully complete this class will be prepared to take an honors level Algebra 2 class in high school.