Teens and Substance Use

               A True Reality Series

                                 A WebQuest for Sixth Grade

                                      Designed by

Mrs. Damren






You are a journalist for a magazine called The Teen Scene. You have a special column entitled "Teen Talk".  Your editor has assigned you and an investigative team to research teenage substance abuse and the impact it has on the user and his/her family.



 Your responsibility is to investigate teens and the use of substances, what are the most common substances abused, as well as the physical, emotional, social, financial, and legal consequences suffered by the user and others (family, friends) as well. What factors lead teens to use substances in the first place? Do family genetics play a role? How? Draft a minimum of 15 questions that address what is listed above.


The Process:

You will be a member of a three-person investigative team that will find the answers to the questions above.  Kidshealth.org is an excellent website for kids your age to find information regarding teen substance use and abuse. Access this website for information.

Your column should be one to two pages minimum and should include:


Definitions to consider providing in your column writing:






*Others (what you feel your readers will need to know to understand what you are discussing)



*See the Rubric Guidelines below that will determine grading.



Through this project, you will learn that there are many caring people who want to help teenagers overcome obstacles and to help those who have become substance dependent. You will learn, that either due to personal obstacles or other factors, teens are often confused and afraid to ask for help, so they turn to substances as a means of  "getting through" a difficult time.  Ultimately, you will learn, that substances are NOT a healthy means of dealing with problems and often lead to more in depth problems that can eventually land them into rehab. Feel free to check out http://www.teensavers.com/, a website that offers healthy, productive ways of getting involved in local and community service projects, rendering a positive self esteem while helping others and steering teens away from the temptations of substance use that can prove both detrimental and deadly.


Credit and References:








                 WebQuest Assessment Rubric



Group Members:



Assessment Criteria

Using a 1-3 scale, work will be assessed based on the following rubric scale:


3-demonstrates meticulous care and research

    2-demonstrates mediocre care and research

    1-demonstrated little to no care and research

A.      Individual work:


1.    Created and answered 5 questions related to teen substance use and rehabilitation



2.    Shows evidence of quality research of at least one website ______


3.     Writing is free of spelling and grammatical errors_______







B.        Group Work


1.    Column writing is at least 2-3 pages in length



2.    Writing reflects quality research by addressing at least 12/15 questions



3.     Column is visually appealing with color and pictures



4.    Column is free of both spelling and grammatical errors-shows evidence of having been proofread.














Overall Totals and Grade Equivalents:





Less than 13=F