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Special Education and Support Services

The Lyme School Special Education Department consists of two Special Education teachers, the Special Services Director, and support staff.  The Special Education department provides support and services to students who are found eligible under state and Federal guidelines.

The Lyme School is also required under state and Federal law to find and evaluate all persons between the ages of 0 and 21 suspected of having a disability. Referrals can be made by parents, teaching staff, the principal or the guidance counselor to the Special Education Department. The special education staff will respond to the referral within a short time by contacting the parents. If warranted, a special education evaluation will be planned by a team including the parents and staff members. Written permission will be requested from the parents before the initiation of the evaluation process. The Lyme School makes every attempt to comply with the 45 day rule in completing these evaluations. At the completion of the evaluation, the team will meet and review the assessment results. At this meeting, the team will determine if the student meets the state and Federal criteria for a student with a disability and if the student demonstrates a need for specially designed instruction. If the student is found eligible and in need of services, the team will write an Individual Education Plan (IEP) within 30 days. An IEP is a plan written by the team to define what and how to best provide special education services or classroom accommodations the student needs to receive through the Lyme School District. A student may not be placed in special education without written parental permission nor may their special education program or placement be changed without parental permission.

The Lyme School supports a full inclusion model when appropriate. All students identified as eligible for Special Education services stay in the regular education environment to the greatest extent possible with in-class and/or pull-out support provided by special education staff.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Special Education teachers or the Special Services Director at the Lyme School.

Free developmental screenings are available for pre-school children who will be 3 or 4 years old by September 1, 2009. If you have a question or concern about the development of your child, please call Miki McGee at (603) 795-2125 to set up an appointment.

“Child Find Notice”

In accordance with state and federal laws, Lyme School District, serving the town of Lyme, NH, serves notice that special education and related services are available to appropriately identified individuals between the ages of birth through twenty-one. Anyone wishing to avail themselves of these services or desiring additional information and/or a copy of “Parental Rights in Special Education” may contact Miki McGee, Special Education Director, (603)-795-2125.
If there are parents within the school district who should have this information interpreted or written in other languages, please notify Lyme School District.

Title IX Coordinator   SPED Coordinator , 504 Coordinator, and LEP Coordinator
Jeff Valence  Miki McGee
Rte 10  Rte 10 
Lyme, NH 03768 Lyme, NH 03768
603-795-2125 603-795-2125

Instructional Assistance Team

In keeping with the Lyme School’s philosophy which stresses the importance of making sure all students are challenged, engaged, and work to reach their full potential, the Lyme School has initiated a process which allows teachers who encounter students who are experiencing difficulty to seek the help of their colleagues. Members of this team may include classroom teachers, support services staff, school administrators, and others as needed, such as the school nurse, guidance counselor, and parents. Students can be referred by parents or teachers for academic, social, or health concerns, or other circumstances that interfere with successful learning.

The purpose of this team is to help staff develop strategies, and to teach staff how to implement classroom modifications which promote student success. After parent input and permission, these strategies are implemented for a designated period of time designated by the IAT team. At the end of this time a follow-up meeting is held to check on progress and determine if further action or a formal evaluation is needed. Please contact the Special Education Director, the Principal, the Guidance Counselor, or the Nurse if you would like your child referred to this team.

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