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Personal Safety 

Personal Safety

The School has a legal responsibility to report suspected cases of child abuse and/or neglect to the appropriate authorities.

To comply with the Child Protection Act (New Hampshire RSA 169C, 1979, and Vermont VSA Title 33,681) any teacher or other employee within the school districts of School Administrative Unit 76 who suspects that a child's physical or mental welfare may be adversely affected by abuse or neglect shall report to the principal, or other designated personnel, and shall then call the Division of Children and Youth Services and give the following information:
Name, address, age and sex of student
Names, address of parent or caretaker
Name, address of the person allegedly responsible for the abuse and neglect, if known
Name of siblings who may be in danger, if known
Nature and extent of injuries or description of neglect.

It is not the responsibility of the school employee to prove that the child has been abused or neglected, or to determine whether the child is in need of protection.

Harassment or Bullying

We want each child to feel safe in the school. We do not tolerate anti-social behaviors that leave a child feeling emotionally or physically hurt. The school's expectation is that every child will be able to go through the school day without being a target for unkind, intentionally negative comments or actions.

We acknowledge that world news and even some sports do not emphasize this message of civility. In fact, the media (television, films, music, computer games)  often celebrate even more violence and/ or sarcasm. We ask Lyme families to help be an antidote to this nationwide problem and support our effort to stop any discriminatory, anti-social behavior. Please report any inappropriate incidents (ASAP) that come to your attention.

Bullying/harassment issues are generally determined by the victim's point of view (not the bully's). No complaint is ignored. We look into every reported case and the frequency of occurrence. Our procedures are consistent and effective.  We first do some fact finding and then some counseling and always leave a strong and clear warning message that should the behavior continue, the consequences (ie. lost privileges, detention, suspension,  Police/Court or CHINS involvement) will also escalate.  Involved families are contacted. We encourage self empowerment, particularly the strength to say no (or stop) and the courage to report a problem. This is not "snitching" and we agree that we can't allow this type of negative unwanted attention to continue.- See School Board Policy.


If your child complains about school-related concerns, please try to identify what is really troubling the child and suggest strategies for dealing with the situation. It is helpful to remind children that teachers and assistants must attend to the needs of many; that what may seem fair to the child may be unfair to the class as a whole; and that teachers are people with strengths and weaknesses, just like other adults. Often, it is appropriate to approach the matter as a problem-solving opportunity for the child, affirming the child' s interpersonal strengths.

We recognize that sometimes things do happen at school that distress an individual child. We hope you will share quickly with us any indications you have that your child is unhappy or any suspicion of a problem related to the school setting. The best way to bring problems to our attention is to discuss the matter with the teacher most closely related to the problem. If you feel that course is inappropriate, or if your concerns are not addressed to your satisfaction please immediately contact the Principal, or the Guidance Counselor. Your concerns will be considered thoroughly with the help of the school staff and anyone else it seems appropriate to involve.  If after following the above procedure, your concerns have not been addressed to your satisfaction, you may take these concerns to the Superintendent's office. The final step would be consideration at the school board level.

School Safety

The Lyme School administration has an obligation to maintain a safe school. Our School Board policy manual (see our web site or visit office) describes in legal detail numerous regulations, expectations and due process, we are required to follow.  Some serious behaviors (such as noncompliance to a safety directive) may require immediate suspension, expulsion or reporting to the police. Parents would be contacted as soon as possible.  Some other examples are:

Dangerous Weapons:
It is unlawful for any person (exception for on duty law enforcement officers) to have in his/her possession any dangerous or deadly weapon, openly or concealed, while on any school leased or owned property. Such weapons include, but are not limited to, any form of firearms, knives, fireworks. Students in possession will have weapons confiscated, the parents will be notified, and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.  Some toys or replicas could fall into this category, check with office.

Tobacco (and non prescribed Drugs) Ban:
No person shall use any tobacco product in any facility maintained by the School District, nor on any of the grounds of the District. Tobacco products means cigarettes, cigars, snuff, smokeless tobacco, smokeless cigarettes, products containing tobacco, and tobacco in any other form. Students are to leave ALL medicatons with the nurse (see the School Nurse section of the handbook).

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