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Lyme School Handbook


Children may bring lunch from home or purchase lunch items at the Lyme School. Students eat lunch in the cafeteria supervised by an adult.

Full meals and milk are debited from the student’s lunch account. Money can be deposited in students’ lunch account in the main office at any time during the school day. Menus are sent home weekly and are posted on our website. Menus are based on the nutritional guidelines of the National School Lunch Program.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


A nutritious meal before arrival at school and a mid-session snack provide necessary fuel for a child's active mind and body. We ask parents to provide a nutritious snack for their children each day, to be eaten in the classroom during the morning snack period. Gum is not allowed. Healthy snacks are encouraged. Students may not bring glass containers on the school bus or to school, but we recommend that students bring a plastic water bottle.


Birthdays may be recognized in the classroom. If a child brings a birthday cake or cupcakes at snack time, all children in the class must be included. Unless the entire class is included, private birthday party invitations may not be given out at school.

Children may bring Valentines to school only if they plan to give one to each child in the class.

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