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Lyme School Handbook
School Nurse

The school nurse maintains cumulative, confidential health records, performs health screenings, administers first aid and emergency care, and is available for consultation and health counseling. It is helpful if parents make note of the following:

Emergency and Health Information Forms which request health and emergency information are sent home at the beginning of each school year and need to be returned promptly. The school refers to this information for 1) contacting parents in the event of an emergency, illness or injury and 2) updating health information in each student's cumulative health record. The main office or school nurse should be informed of any changes to ensure that this information is always current.

Life-Threatening Student Allergies Policy

Students entering school must be in compliance with New Hampshire Immunization Requirements. Students may be exempted for religious or medical reasons. Appropriate forms to document exemption or conditional enrollment are available from the school nurse.

Medication Policy
If a student has a condition requiring treatment at school, medication will be administered by the school nurse (or an assigned designee). Medication must be in a container with a prescription label (pharmacists will supply another container for school, if asked) and accompanied by a note from a parent. Please note that when medications are required to be given three times a a day, this regimen usually can be carried out at home to minimize disruption of the student's school day.

If a non-prescription (over-the-counter) medication is to be given during school hours, the medication must be in the original container accompanied by a note from a parent.

The school nurse must be notified if any medication is to be given at school. If a student uses an inhaler or must carry medication due to a severe allergic reaction, additional health forms (available from the school nurse) need to be completed by a parent.

Injury or illness at school
When a student is not feeling well or is injured at school, an assessment will be made, appropriate care administered, and if necessary a parent will be notified.

During recess, students have the opportunity for socialization, fresh air and exercise. Students who are not well enough to go out to recess should be kept home unless special arrangements are made with the principal, school nurse or classroom teacher.

Since the health and safety of our students and employees are a top priority, students wishing to bring an animal into school for a special project must receive prior permission. The animal must be removed from school when the purpose of its visit has been accomplished. Puppies and other animals without up-to-date rabies protection are not allowed in school. For reasons of health and sanitation, the principal, in consultation with the school nurse, may require animals to be removed from the school.

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