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Lyme School Handbook

School Expectations/Rules

The following expectations and standards apply to all school activities, including assemblies, concerts, field trips and visits to the library.

It is expected that the Lyme School students will learn, through modeling, discussion and a democratic process:

  • To show respect for oneself and others.
  • To help promote a safe environment for all, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.
  • To respect individual and school property.
  • To understand that consequences, positive and negative, are direct results of one's choices.
  • To appreciate the privilege and challenge of learning, and develop a tolerance for other's learning styles.
  • To hold in high regard the standards, rules and policies of one's school and community.

With this in mind we have listed some examples that speak to the above ideas: Students are expected to follow adult directions without argument.

  • Students should use quiet, respectful voices.
  • Students should walk in the hallways and on the stairs, staying to the right hand side. There should be no more than two people walking side by side. Sliding on the stairway bannisters or jumping down the stairs is not allowed.
  • Students are expected to use appropriate language in school.
  • Quiet voices should be used in the lunch room. Students are expected to clean up after themselves.
  • Students will be dismissed from lunch when their table is clean and the recess supervisor is present.
  • Students will honor personal space, no kicking, pushing, hitting, etc.
  • Students should cross only in the crosswalk when going to and from the library.
  • School is the student’s workplace. Appropriate and neat dress is expected in order to promote a respectful and non-distracting school climate.
  • Hats, pajamas, and other distracting attire are not allowed to be worn in school. The only exception is on a school spirit day sponsored by the student council and approved by the principal.
  • Clothing that promotes alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, violence or weapons is unacceptable.
  • Clothing that reveals too much skin or underwear is also unacceptable.
  • Rollerblades and “roller sneakers” are not allowed in school.
  • Cheating (copying work, copying tests or quizzes, plagiarism) will not be tolerated. There will be serious consequences for this behavior. Students aiding another in cheating may receive the same consequences.
  • Materials found in classroom desks belong to only one student, those using another student's desk must respect the owner's possessions.
  • Students may leave school grounds only with permission from the office.
  • Gum chewing is not allowed in school.
  • Toys, iPods, MP3 players, CD players, cell phones, etc. are not allowed in school. They may be confiscated and can be picked up in the office at the end of the week.

Playground Supervision

Staff members are assigned to each outside recess. All children are expected to go outside during recess except in the most severe weather. Be sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.

K-5 Playground Rules

Reminders: One reminder will be given about playground rules. The next step will be removal from the playground. Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Snowballs, rocks and gravel stay on the ground.
  • Keep hands to oneself. No grabbing, pushing, tackling, landing in a heap on top of each other.
  • No climbing or hanging on fences or trees.
  • No damaging trees or other plants.
  • No playing on cement block or behind tree, that is considered out of bounds.
  • Respect seasonal boundaries set by staff (i.e. the brook when mud or ice are issues)
  • No balls on the PlaySpace during morning recess (Grades 1-4)
  • Slides:
    • May go up small slide only
    • Slide feet first only
    • No bunching up
    • No climbing on top of tube slides - inside only
    • No hanging over PlaySpace
  • Swings:
    • One person at a time
    • No twisting or jumping
    • Swing responsibly
  • Sports:
    • Tennis balls are allowed on blacktop
    • No hard balls (ie: lacrosse balls, baseballs, etc.)
    • No skateboards, roller blades or scooters
  • Zipline:
    • No pushing, pulling, running through zipline area. One person at a time on the zipline. Others should wait in a line.
  • Snow rules:
    • Appropriate winter attire must be worn: snow pants, jacket and boots when playing in snow. When playing on blacktop only, snow pants are optional. No snowballs or throwing of ice is allowed. Snow forts are okay, and may be used by anyone.

Objects thrown on the school roof will not be retrieved until a roof maintenance checks take place.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Students are expected to use the Internet responsibly, safely,  and ethically. Use of the Internet should support the educational objectives of the school. Lyme School has an Acceptable Use Policy which provides guidelines for the use of the Internet and the consequences for it's misuse. Parents and students are asked to read this policy and sign an Internet permission slip at the beginning of each year. Access to the Internet is a privilege, not a right.  Users are responsible for their own behavior and inappropriate use may result in a loss of the privilege.