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Lyme School Handbook


During the school year, a weekly newsletter, notices and other communications will be sent home on Thursdays in the “Thursday Envelopes”. The newsletter will also be posted on the school website:


Parents are welcome to visit the Lyme School. Please call ahead to give advance notice if you wish to visit a classroom; your visit will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. In accordance with our Emergency Plan, visitors must sign in at the office and receive a visitor’s pass.

A typical classroom visit does not allow time for parent/teacher conferences. If you would like to discuss your child's progress or other matters with your child's teacher, please schedule an appointment to do so. Teachers are not available for unscheduled discussions or meetings before school or during school hours.


The Lyme School has long enjoyed the volunteer service of many of our talented parents and community members. Our volunteers contribute their time in the classroom, computer room, transporting students, organizing athletic events, special programs, cultural events, drama and musical productions, and in many other important ways. We are very grateful for their support. If you are volunteering please remember to sign-in at the office when you arrive and get a visitor’s pass.

Messages from Home

We only give a message to your child in an emergency. Please make afterschool plans in advance and avoid calling school with a message for your child unless absolutely necessary. If there is an emergency, you may call the school office, 795-2125.


For school-related matters only, a child may use the phone with permission of the teacher and/or the office staff. Social matters, such as arrangements to visit a friend after school, need to be made before your child arrives in the morning.


There are copies of the Lyme School Curriculum available at the town library and the school office.

Noncustodial and Co-custodial Parents and Guardians

When possible and legal, following annual written request to the school principal, the school will mail to a noncustodial or co-custodial parent, or guardian copies of progress reports, health data, and special education information pertinent to the child(ren) of that parent.

Student Progress Reports

There are four marking periods per year. Family/teacher conferences take place in the fall and spring. There will be early release days the week of conferences. Progress reports will be sent in January and June. See Middle School section for grades 6-8.

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