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The “farm to school” initiative is working to incorporate as much local produce and meat into the menu as is possible without increasing costs. We believe the Farm to School effort is valuable for a variety of reasons. The most obvious is the nutritional value - buying local means that we have better control over what production and handling methods are used by the grower, it also means that the produce or meat is fresher and therefore healthier. Another reason is economic, buying locally means we are supporting local farms and local workers, strengthening our local economy. A third reason is environmental reducing the distances we ship our produce means less fuel and pollution is consumed or produced. We are of course a school first, so it should be no surprise that this has a educative purpose, teaching students about composting (Thanks to the Lyme Foundation for their support in providing the means to by our composters), sustainability, and economic cost benefit analysis. The last reason is about lifestyle. The thought of the Upper Valley without farms is unimaginable and yet very possible unless we support local farms making this a viable “industry” in our community. Each week you can see where we have been able to put this goal into place. Wherever you see our “Local” logo on the lunch menu you will know that we have used local produce and meat.

We can use your help too.. Contact contact the school to volunteer.

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