A virus is a computer program that spreads itself by infecting files.

Viruses are dangerous and can shut your computer down. While there are many ways to get a virus, the most common way is through downloading e-mail attachments.

Here are some things you can do to keep your own computer safe as well as make sure it doesn't threaten other computers.

1. Install a firewall on you computer. A firewall prevents information from entering your computer without your permission.
2. Keep you computer updated (download updates for your operating system regularly)
3. Install virus protection software on your computer, keep it updated and USE it.
4. Don’t open e-mails if you don’t know who they are from.
5. Another red flag is when e-mail is forwarded “FW:” or it has an attachment with the suffix of “.exe,” “.scr,” or “.vbs.”
6. If you do want to open an attachment, scan it through the virus software first. To do this save all attachments before opening them.

*There are consequences for creating or spreading a virus. You can be prosecuted as a criminal.





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