Ms. Burns
About Me

I am thrilled to start my 6th year here at the Lyme School and my 8th year of teaching overall. I love my job here. : )

Previously, I have taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. I hold a Masters degree in Elementary Education from Antioch University New England and a B.S. in Animal Biotechnology and Conservation and a minor in Environmental Science from Delaware Valley College.

Outside of school I love traveling and staying active doing different outdoor activities; hiking, running, XC skiing, etc. I also love to cook, do muay thai and yoga, read, knit, take education classes, and volunteer.  

5th Grade Math

We use Math in Focus, a Singapore Math program.

Singapore Math® emphasizes problem solving and positive attitudes toward mathematics, while focusing on student development of skills, concepts, processes, and metacognition. Students are encouraged to reflect on their thinking and learn how to self-regulate so that they can apply these skills to varied problem-solving activities. Concepts are taught with a concrete–pictorial–abstract learning progression through real-world, hands-on experience. 

5th Grade Science

The fifth grade science program is based on the national science standards that promote acquisition of the science process skills, general science knowledge, and collaborative learning experiences.  This year students will participate in a variety of activities aimed at building their ability to think critically, make connections, and understand the world.  

Ideas we will explore this year: 

  • Life Science
    • What makes something living?
    • How do we classify living things?
    • How are traits passed between living things?
    • What are ecosystems?
    • How do living things interact within an ecosystem?
    • How do organisms adapt to their environment?
  • Physical Science 
    • What are elements, molecules, and compounds?
    • How can substances be described?
    • How can we measure motion?

In addition to the base curriculum, students will be engaging in many STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) activities throughout the year and every Friday afternoon through the "Figure it Out Friday" program.  STEAM education is a seamless, transdisciplinary, approach to education that provides students with opportunities to engage in meaningful and relevant real world projects/experiences that foster their ability to work in a team, manage time, revise ideas, think critically, communicate effectively, and take ownership of their learning.