Ms. Kuolt
About Me:

I'm so excited to join Mrs. Burns and the Lyme School this year in fifth grade!

I completed my Masters degree and teaching credential at Pepperdine University and Bachelors degree at Gonzaga University. I taught 6th grade for four years at Calthorp School in Santa Monica, CA. prior to coming to Lyme.

Outside of teaching, I love hiking, going to the beach, reading and attempting to cook, but my absolute favorite thing to do is travel the world. My next destination is Palm Springs!

5th Grade Language Arts:

In fifth grade, reading instruction moves from being literal to being interpretive, using questioning and predicting, making connections, understanding character development and sequencing and looking for images and conflict. Our goal is that students exiting fifth grade can: 

  • Read independently for information, analysis and pleasure 
  • Decode grade-appropriate vocabulary 
  • Use word-analysis skills
  • Use self-correcting skills
  • Draw on prior knowledge
  • Comprehend and make oral and written text-to-text connections, text-to-self connections, and text-to-world connections
  • Understand types of conflict (man vs. man, man vs. nature,  man vs. technology, man vs. himself, man vs. society)
  • Read, listen to, and interpret messages from multiple sources 
  • Demonstrate understanding and accurate application of content knowledge
  • Recognize the role of context, perspective, facts, and opinions in critical thinking
  • Demonstrate the ability to listen, contribute, value and integrate multiple points of view
  • Evaluate information for relevance, accuracy, meaning, and significance

The writing process includes planning, writing, revising, editing, and publishing.