Mrs. Fleming
About Me

I am very happy to be in my 14th year of teaching at the Lyme School; my 7th year in Grade 2.  Previously I taught Kindergarten. I also taught in Kotzebue, Alaska many years ago. I received my Master's degree in Elementary Education from the University of NH in 1994 after receiving my BA from UNH in Family Studies in 1992. When I am not at the Lyme School, I enjoy spending time with my family. We live in Orford, NH; my husband and I have a son, Liam (age 20) and a daughter, Shannon, (age 17). We especially love to travel together, as well as spend time outdoors, usually hiking with our dog.

About Second Grade

2nd graders are special because they begin to do so much more independently than in K and 1st grade, and they are very proud of what they can do. In second grade, children progress from learning how to decode to focusing more on meaning in reading. We read trade books in reading groups daily. In writing, they learn to create a paragraph and we work on writing informative, opinion, and narrative pieces. Math is exciting because children begin to learn to add and subtract numbers up to 1,000.  They also learn about bar modeling, which is the visual representation of word problems. Social Studies and Science are integrated into reading and writing in 2nd grade, as well as integrated with Art, Technology, and Library studies. We begin the year reading and writing about animals, a favorite subject in 2nd grade! For the past two years we have enjoyed having 4-Winds Science volunteers come to our room each month and work with us inside and outside! The social curriculum in Grade 2 is Responsive Classroom and it is very important to me to have a safe and fun classroom environment.